The Nature of the Divine

Nature of the Divine, nature of God, nature of Reality, nature of the One, nature of Self......there are so many ways to describe the mysterious energy of all of creation and yet it is so challenging to define it. Recently, I was involved in a debate as to whether God was pure love or a combination of love and fear. I was favoring pure love, of course. We got into a heated debate until I had a realization. Words are never enough. The answer is really in the experience of the divine. How do I feel when I feel the divine presence? How does God reveal its true nature to me? As far as the debate goes (in case you enjoy playing games with words), my belief is that the true nature of reality is that there is only one. God is one. Therefore, you can't split it into fear and love. It is one essence, one energy. As my meditation teacher said at the culmination of the practice, "That from which all comes, that to which all will go, infinite, eternal, peace, love, and joy." This is the experience that I have of the divine, either pure peace, love, and joy or sometimes a sense of expansive nothingness...weightless....close to a sense of peace. In our reality of existence, here on earth (the yogis would say this is not the real Reality), we experience duality. Everything is not all love, peace, and joy. There is fear and an array of so-called negative emotions stemming from fear. Yes, this too is an expression of the divine! In the manifest world, we have the opportunity to experience extremes of pleasure and pain. Both extremes are part of our spiritual unfoldment. This is how we learn that the exterior world of manifestation is not going to provide for our ultimate happiness. How many times have we thought that the next house, car, vacation, chocolate,____fill in the blank____was going to make us happy and how many times have we realized that was not the case? How many lessons do we need in order to learn that the only pure lasting joy is found within, in an experience of unity with all of creation?

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