A Fine Mess

A Fine Mess

Today, I have been pondering the current “state of affairs.” I posted a video showing the Native American protest over the Dakota pipeline on Facebook and there was some debate from my father and other family friends over the legitimacy of the argument against the pipeline (I was born in Bismarck, North Dakota). Here is my reply to their posts, “The lie of separation and viewing the earth as a resource to fuel our consumption has gotten us into a big mess. Many Native American people were taught a different story, a story of oneness and honoring the earth as a living being….or mother. These are the values that will get us out of this mess. Somebody needs to say STOP!”

This is all occurring at a time when we have an upcoming election featuring two nominees that nobody seems to like. One is openly racist and sexist, while the other has recently been dealing with a criminal investigation. I am almost pleased that this ludicrous charade is being seen, known, and felt by the American people. It is a “Fine Mess.” Sometimes the contrast in life stirs cravings for an alternative. We often need to feel some pain in order to make a change. Also, there are many things about ourselves and our culture that are being revealed. We are seeing our shadow side modeled on a global level, racism, sexism, crime by the elite, backstabbing, and hidden agendas.

So, now what? Are we going to be victims and sit and complain about our leaders? Are we going to be rebels and go against everything, or move to Canada? No, I think that has already been done and has not been effective. Perhaps we need to look at this differently.

As a healer, I have learned that things are almost never as obvious as they appear to be. For instance, the solution to high cholesterol and heart disease is not necessarily to eat less saturated fat. In fact, since the low fat dietary recommendations came out, we have seen a huge increase in obesity and diabetes, and no reduction of heart disease or cholesterol. A + B doesn’t always equal C. In fact, this separation of everything into parts and treating them like a machine is, in my opinion, one reason that we are so confused today. The more I learn about natural health, the more I realize that our bodies are mysterious complex communities of millions of organisms. They estimate that the average body houses around 10 million micro-organisms. My work has also shown me that healing is truly a holistic process that includes the body, spirit, mind, emotions, environment, relationships, and history. It is a process guided by forces beyond our mental ability to comprehend, like the universe.

So, where am I going with all of this? What I have come to believe is that we don’t know more than the natural intelligence of the universe. I believe that living in harmony with nature and loving nature (including ourselves) is the healing path. Once we believe that we know more about the body or the earth and we start tampering with its original form through fracking, pipelines, surgeries, prescription drugs, laboratory foods, pesticides, genocides………we cut ourselves off from this natural intelligence. Do we really think that we know more than the Creator?

NOW WHAT????!!!! It is time. Time to stop complaining about our leaders and become leaders. It is time to learn how to live in a good way. Time to “walk in beauty” as described by the Navajo prayer (see below). Time to take responsibility for our personal authority. Time to stop and connect with all of life, not just a few humans in your immediate family. It is time to fall in love with life again. Love is why we are here, it is imperative for our very survival (people who don’t love being here will find a way out). Let’s make art part of life, ceremony commonplace, rituals for daily activities, songs to celebrate waking up. Let’s see who we really are and what we are here to contribute, let’s value all beings (including the earth). What if we really listened to our hearts and allowed our hearts to guide our actions?

I entitled this blog, “A Fine Mess” because it is fine. It is the perfect time. Sometimes a mess is exactly what is needed to get our shit together and do something. This is a time of contrast. When so-called leaders are openly racist. When we will risk contaminating a water table that supports life for a large portion of the United States. This is also the time when people decide to take a stand and lead. When someone finally says stop and when we learn to love again.

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