Healing and Spirit

We have all heard people talk about holistic healing, as healing for the mind, body, and spirit. However, most healing is not holistic. We have traveled through a time when it was taboo to even bring up the word spirit in conjunction with medicine or health. Notice, I put this in past tense. I believe the times, they are a changin… (insert Bob Dylan song). We are waking up to our relationship with spirit and the yearning for spiritual healing. Many people are discovering that scientific methods and old ways of practicing medicine in which everything is separated into parts and where “man” has dominion over nature is failing us, for the most part. Experts pretend to know what we need, what food we should eat, how many minutes we should move our bodies a day, what poisons we should ingest for our health conditions. When you think about it, it really seems absurd. Poisons can heal? There is no relationship between our bodies, minds, and spirits? No relationship between the foods that we eat and our disease? Healing is not done in relationship or community….human, plant, earth, animal, ancestor, spirit….? What about divine intelligence, the natural miracles that no one can explain? Do we really think we can fool Mother Nature? We have learned how to master the material and mechanical worlds and in the process lost the natural balance that is health.

What I have been noticing and exploring is a resurgence in our ancestral ways. If we go back far enough, we all arrive to a belief system that recognized our oneness with and as all. Spirit was everywhere and in everything. Nothing was separate. The practice of being in right relationship with everyone and everything was essential for survival. We were in intimate relationship with nature and our surroundings and in doing so, we developed strong intuitive abilities. There was a natural balance and there were practices for balancing mind, body, and spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to throw out our material advances. I am using one right now as I write this blog. And, if I break my leg, please take me to a doctor. The issue here is balance or a state of imbalance, or disease.

In my explorations of ancestral ways, I am discovering one of the greatest principles of healing. When we truly understand that all is one and all is connected, that we are the creation of the creator, as is everyone and everything, we recognize the inherent value and perfection of all creatures, all beings, of all of creation. We see the web of life or tree of life, and we honor that every part of the web is valuable and necessary to the entire web. We learn to honor our inherent gifts and talents as our medicine for our people and in turn, our communities honor and see our gifts. This is my dream. This is healing, this is love. As my mission statement says, “My calling is to inspire and empower women to know their value as expressions of the divine and to creatively express their divinity.”

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