Discover Your Value

4 Steps to Living the Life of Your Dreams

The first thing you get to know is who you really are. You are an expression of the divine, an infinite eternal expression of love, beauty, power, joy, wholeness, abundance, and creativity. Your value is beyond your comprehension. I know this may sound like a lot of woo woo words to some people but once you get this understanding at the depths of your being, your life will transform. This is your truth!

Why is this challenging? Unfortunately, this is not the teaching that most of us received as children. During young childhood, you are going around in a mental state similar to someone that is hypnotized. Everything you see, hear, and experience is downloaded and becomes part of a subconscious story. This is a story that is interpreted by someone about 6 years old or younger so it is not always accurate. However, these stories become our framework for survival and are often helpful for periods of time. They inform our need to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Some challenging stories that I took on include, people don’t love me, it is not safe to express my desires or feelings, unwanted feelings should be suppressed (with food or wine), I must be “humble” and not talk about myself or my accomplishments, and love and joy is found outside myself. These are only the stories that I have recognized and that I have been working with. These are the stories that have come up as barriers to living the life of my dreams. Weather we recognize them or not, they are the underwater rudder that is often steering the ship. You can see them in the patterns of your life, why you shut down, why you aren’t living and loving fully. So, now what do we do?

How do we discover our truth and overcome those challenging stories? Here is a list of tools that I use to heal past conditioning and step into my truth.

1. Meditation: Meditation helps us to stop the stories. Sometimes it is best to STOP thinking because as you can see, your thoughts aren’t always true. Train your mind to be quiet, especially when it starts spinning stories that are not in alignment with your truth. Meditation is also a practice for observing the recurring stories and patterns of thoughts with compassion. Also, since these thoughts often create anxiety, meditation helps relieve anxiety. Meditation is really a practice of self love. Sit with yourself, know yourself, experience your divine truth.

2. Soul Remembering: During this guided technology, I take clients through past challenging experiences where they were emotionally triggered and we find the root experience or first experience of that constriction. Then, I guide them through a transition that brings in an experience of their truth and the truth of the experience. Once the client is emotionally in their truth, I guide them back through the challenging experiences and introduce the feeling of this truth into each experience. This aligns them with their truth and rewires the past experiences. It also provides really helpful information about past emotional experiences and how they influence your current reality. Clients leave feeling light and expansive.

3. Journeying: Shamanic journeying and breathwork slows down the brain waves and helps the mind to slow down and stop thinking. This is usually done through the drum and/or the breath. It creates a non-ordinary reality where it is easier to connect with the unseen and receive messages and guidance from spirit. These messages come in the form of feelings, imagery, and/or words. Often, it is accompanied with an emotional clearing and/or alignment with divine truth.

4. Follow Your Bliss (thanks Joseph Campbell): Your bliss will naturally take you on an adventure into your heart, into your truth, and your highest purpose. When on this path, anything that is not in alignment with your truth will be revealed. These are your opportunities for growth. When these opportunities are misunderstood as road blocks, coaching and support are imperative. Following your bliss is challenging, especially when you don’t feel like your gifts are honored or recognized by your family, community, and culture. I have found that expressive arts are also helpful for finding your bliss.

5. Energy: If physical energy is low, mental thoughts and emotions gravitate toward survival. Your triggers multiply and amplify and circumstance feel hopeless. Feed the body with healthy living whole foods that fuel the body (lots of greens). Get enough sleep. Spend time in nature. Move the body joyfully. Avoid artificial stimulants, they rob the body of energy (caffeine and sugar….my favorites).

These are also some of the tools that I use in my coaching practice. Please contact me if you would like support with your “opportunities to grow”. I offer a complimentary Visioning Journey for new clients that are interested in experiencing my work. Call 760-684-2332, or email