dancer on stump

Welcome! In case you are wondering who I am, let me try to put it into words. This is a challenge since I strive to never be static or definable. I am constantly in creative flow with the Universe, listening and responding to the directives that I receive. When I reflect upon my life, there a few recurring themes. Throughout my entire life, I have created art and wandered in nature. I also always had a desire to help others to be happy (not always in the most balanced or healthiest way). In college, I had the opportunity to follow the path of the artist and during my research, I discovered the work of Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth. His work inspired my desire to find an intact spiritual practice. After college, I moved to the “big city”, Minneapolis, MN, where I found the Meditation Center (back then there were no yoga or meditation classes in smaller towns). I considered joining an ashram and spent 9 months in India traveling and exploring the lineage that I studied at the Meditation Center. My travels and studies taught me to take responsibility for my spirituality and find my own path (long story).
Currently, I am an art teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, holistic health counselor, artist, healer, priestess, shamanic practitioner, friend, mother, daughter, sister, and wife. I feel alive and connected when I am hiking in nature, painting, sculpting, engaging in ritual and ceremony, dancing, making music, praying, meditating, and sharing inspiration with others. I believe the “time of the lone wolf is over” (Hopi prophecy) and we are being called to share our gifts with others and create a new way of relating with each other, with spirit, with nature, and with ourselves. I am following my heart and in constant awe and wonder of this mysterious miraculous earth adventure.
I would love to know about you! Please join me for a free Breakthrough Conversation (see my scheduler on the “Offerings” page).