Soul Purpose Coaching3 Month Program

Support to discover your truth and live it! I will help you explore your unique creative gifts and learn how to value them and get out of your own way so you can share them as medicine for your community.

Soul Purpose Manifestation6 Month Program

Get your unique expression out in the world! This program will support you to create your creative passion project and really make a difference with your medicine.

Life Visioning Free 1/2 Hour Phone or Zoom Conference

A process for receiving the Divine vision for your life. I will also provide a mini plan to start manifesting the Divine vision for your life. Please sign up below for your call!

Shamanic Breathwork

During breathwork, the brainwaves slow down. The slower Alpha and Theta wave states are conducive to meditation, visualization, creativity, intuition, and vivid imagery. In this non-ordinary reality, we are able to surrender and open ourselves to spirit.

Shamanic Journeying CircleGroup Offering

Shamanic journeying is an ancient tool used for direct revelation. The journeying process slows down your brain waves and allows you to open your heart and connect with spirit, creating a space for profound transformation and healing. Mary will gently guide you through the journey, gracefully weaving together a combination of the drum, vocals, breathwork, visualization, acupressure, and essential oils.

Soul Remembering

Soul Remembering is helpful for people experiencing repeated triggers or traumatic experiences that are the result of past sub-conscious conditioning. This process will help unwind past constrictions and shift the energy that was associated with them.

Sacred Dance JourneyGroup Offering

Play as prayer, prayer as play! Connect with your body, mind, and spirit through movement, music, creativity, and play. Ancient cultures journeyed to have an experience of the divine and receive inspiration and guidance from the spirit world. Usually, the body was taken along on these healing journeys through music and dance. During our journey, we will embody and express each of the 4 elements, water, air, fire, and earth, concluding with stillness and a sound bath. No dance experience is needed. Available for group events, workshops, retreats, and festivals.


Meditation is a wonderful tool for connecting with your Self, awakening to your truth, and navigating life’s ups and downs with more grace and ease. It is also very effective for people that are challenged with anxiety, pain, and stress issues. I teach a specific meditation technology that has been passed down from the Himalayan yogis of India.

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